Even though a pediatric dentist specializes in treating infants, children, and adolescents, they are also able to perform orthodontics. For someone to become a dentist in pediatrics, they must first become a general dentist. Then they will complete an additional two years of training with a focus on pediatrics. When a dentist decides to practice in pediatric dentistry, part of their training includes child psychology, which allows them to be able to better deal with these younger ages.


Ages two to six. Dentists who work with children will pay careful attention to any orthodontic problems that may be beginning, especially important between the ages of two and six. These are the ages when children are participating in habits that could cause them to be in need of orthodontic services, like thumb sucking. When orthodontic needs are first recognized, it is much easier to treat the patient.


These are the ages when children’s permanent teeth start to grow in. During this time the dentist will want to make sure that no realignment issues are happening and if there are, they can deal with them quickly and efficiently.

AGES 12 TO 18

The final stages of a child’s permanent teeth begin growing in during these ages and are the typical time when a dentist will make sure that their bite is perfect.


When children are in need of orthodontic services, it is often recognized by the time they are three years old. When orthodontic issues in children are identified this early, there is a higher chance of a dentist being able to correct the problem during their early years. If orthodontics in children are not addressed in their earlier years, then it is likely that they will need to have primary orthodontic services when they are older.


Yes, a dentist whose focus is in the pediatric field is still able to offer their patients orthodontic services. This fact makes it very convenient for many dental patients because they do not need to be referred elsewhere when they are in need of minor orthodontic services. If their patients are in need of primary orthodontic services, then they will often refer the patient to an orthodontic specialist for treatment.


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