TeethXpress in Miramar Beach, FL

TeethXpress is a biomechanically-stable, immediate load protocol for fully edentulous patients without the use of expensive CT, surgical guides or angled implants. BioHorizons Tapered implants with Laser-Lok technology provide superior primary stability for immediate load. Short Laser-Lok Complete implants are placed in the posterior for maximum healing to avoid bone grafting or angled implants. The TeethXpress technique and technologies create a stable and predictable immediate load solution that will make your patients smile.

At Miramar Beach Dental & Orthodontics, we offer an innovative solution to tooth loss – TeethXpress™. The majority of adults will experience some form of tooth loss in their lifetime with 19 percent losing all of their teeth, according to the CDC. As a result, millions of patients replace their teeth using dentures. The problem with this solution is that as soon as you lose your teeth, your jaw will begin to suffer from resorption. This is when the body begins to leach the calcium from your jawbone for use in other areas. This means that a secure set of dentures will begin to feel looser every day until it eventually needs replacing. Most patients need to visit the dentist on a regular basis for adjustments and use paste to help hold their dentures in place. This can be time-consuming and lead to embarrassing moments as dentures slip out of place. We offer a better solution for patients throughout Miramar Beach, FL and the 32550 area.


TeethXpress™ is a type of dental implant that can be placed much faster than a traditional implant and is ideal for those suffering from complete tooth loss or low bone density. Patients that may not qualify for traditional implants may benefit from this solution because the implant has no machined collar which allows for higher bone to implant contact and faster osseointegration. This is an immediate load solution, meaning that after your initial consultation and examination, you can visit us for a second appointment, where your new set of teeth can be secured. This takes place in one day, rather than multiple appointments over the course of several months.


  • Security. Your new set of teeth will be as secure as your natural ones. You will never need to worry about your teeth slipping out of place again!
  • Enjoy food again. Patients throughout the 32550 area, are pleased to find that they can eat all of their favorite foods without restriction. Since TeethXpress™ implants are surgically placed, they are secured to the jawbone and receive stability from it. This provides you with the same biting force that your natural teeth gave you.
  • Restored confidence. If you have been afraid to smile, embarrassed by tooth loss or dentures, you can regain the confidence found in having a full set of beautiful teeth. At Miramar Beach Dental & Orthodontics, we can restore your smile and youthful appearance.
  • Fast recovery time. With traditional dental implants, a titanium post is implanted in each position where you have lost a tooth. With TeethXpress™, only four to six implants are placed. These implants will fuse with your jawbone through the process of osseointegration and hold your dentures in place. Since fewer implants are placed, the procedure and your recovery time will be much faster.

If you want a full set of natural looking, beautiful teeth in as little as one day, call (850) 262-9488 to schedule a consultation. At Miramar Beach Dental & Orthodontics, we can provide you with this modern and innovative solution for replacing your teeth without the inconveniences that are associated with traditional dentures.