Braces is a word just about everyone dreads. While there are certainly some negative connotations with the word, the truth is that braces play an important part in dental health and beauty.  Ask anyone who has braces about the benefits of this oral health device and you will find they are ecstatic with their newly straight and beautiful teeth.

The Benefits of Braces

Braces will straighten crooked teeth in as little as a year’s time.  Braces also correct spacing issues to boot. Improper tooth alignment is quite common.  There are three main classes of tooth misalignment. The first class, dubbed Class 1, is the optimal relationship between the lower and upper teeth.  Spacing or crowding of teeth might occur with this bite class. Class 2 is often known as an overbite.

An overbite occurs when the lower first molar is toward the rear of the mouth.  The upper portion of the jaw also looks as though it is protruding. The final class, Class 3, characterizes a situation in which the first molar is too close to the front portion of the mouth.  This is commonly known as an under bit as the lower portion of the jaw protrudes.

Other Oral Health Issues

It is certainly possible some patients do not have an underbite or an overbite and still require braces.  These individuals might have varying degrees of tooth spacing or crowding. Perhaps there is a misaligned bit.  Crowding leads to teeth overlapping, rotating and moving into the wrong spaces in the mouth. There is even the potential for the tooth to be trapped within the jaw bone.

It is possible crowding results from the dental arch not being large enough for adult teeth.  Crowding can also occur when one or several adult teeth are excessively large. Even losing a baby tooth too early or retaining them for an excessive period of time can lead to crowding.  Crowding is an issue for appearance as well as dental health. Crowded teeth are challenging to floss and brush in the proper manner. These unclean teeth will be that much more likely to lead to tooth decay.

Let the Dentist Beautify Your Smile With Braces

If you have any of the problems outlined above, you will eventually become self-conscious about your smile if you are not already.  Misaligned teeth are unsightly, have the potential to cause jaw pain, sleep apnea, difficulty eating, gum disease and more. Once your braces straighten out your crooked chompers, you will finally be able to part your lips in public without hesitation.  You will have the lovely smile of your dreams and proudly put it on display at every opportunity.

So do not assume braces are only for kids!  If you are unhappy with your smile, you might be able to benefit from cosmetic braces regardless of your age.  Meet with your dentist to discuss whether this oral health and beauty device is ideal for your mouth.