As a cosmetic dentist, we are often asked questions about dental implants. One of the more frequent ones we hear is whether or not they’re actually worth it. Since there are multiple ways to restore and replace missing teeth, it is natural for patients to want to know whether or not they are making the best choice or if they should consider an alternative option. We understand this and are happy to provide you with detailed answers to any questions you have. In regards to “are they worth it,” absolutely,  and here is why:

Dental implants are the only solution that will do more than give you a tooth.

You will also receive a new root for that tooth to be attached to. This is because we surgically implant a titanium post and secure it to your jawbone. This is done in the exact spot your root was located. Since the body reacts to titanium the same way it would to natural matter, the body will begin to deposit bone around the implanted post. As a result, your dental implant will become as secure as your natural tooth was.

This is beneficial for several reasons. First, with the implant securely in place, your jaw will be protected against the dangers of resorption. This will help with the strength of your jaw, and it will also prevent you from suffering appearance changes, like a shrunken face. Also, once the new tooth has been secured to your implanted post, you will benefit from being able to eat all your favorite foods no matter how crunchy they are or how difficult they are to chew. This is because your implant will have the same level of security, durability, and force as any of your other teeth would.


With so many clear advantages to receiving dental implants, it becomes difficult to imagine why anyone would not choose to get them. To this point, it becomes important to understand that not everyone qualifies for dental implants. If it has been a long time since you lost a tooth, you may have suffered from severe resorption, and at that point in time, you may no longer have the jawbone density required to support an implanted post. In this case, you may be required to have a bone graft before you can have an implant placed. Alternatively, you may qualify for a mini-dental implant, since the posts are shorter and wider.

Another reason some people choose not to get a dental implant is because this is not a fast process. You need to come in for an initial examination, and then if we determine that you are a good candidate, we will need to plan ahead for surgery. The implant is surgically placed and so there is a natural recovery time associated with that. Also, we will wait for osseointegration to complete. This is the time where bone is being deposited around the implant itself. As a result, it can take several months for osseointegration to be finished. However, if this is what you are concerned about, you should know that we can give you a temporary denture to wear while you are waiting to receive your final tooth. This will allow you to have the confidence you need to smile and also give you the ability to eat many of the foods you are used to. By giving you a temporary denture to wear, there should be no reason for a well-qualified candidate to replace teeth with anything other than dental implants.