Dental implants are popular with patients who want to replace their lost teeth. Often, however, we get patients wondering why dental implants are the best option. We will spend an extraordinary amount of time going over all the benefits of dental implants with you, explaining the biology and how dental implants make your jawbone stronger and explaining how dental implants are the most natural-looking replacements to your teeth. However, we also know that many people like to get their information by reading it, so here is a short, detailed list telling you why dental implants are by far the superior option. Naturally, we will also provide you with brochures and information when you come in for your initial consultation and let us know that you are considering dental implants as a viable option to replace your lost teeth.

Dental implants, quite simply, are the next best thing to healthy and natural teeth. This is because dental implants are strong and stable and can restore a lost tooth so it looks, feels, functions, and acts like your natural teeth. We understand that there are plenty of different options out there with which you can replace your lost teeth. However, it is important for you to select an option that will last the longest, look the best, and avoid any kind of deterioration that may influence your jawbone. Studies have shown that some of the other options for replacing teeth can eventually lead to bone deterioration.

Did  you know that dental implants are built to last?  Traditional bridges and dentures last between five and seven years with proper care. Bridges and dentures have been known to last for up to 10 years, but eventually, they will need to be replaced. This is actually not a bad thing, considering that these replacement options can give you 10 great years. However, when you are considering them in the light of dental implants, it’s important to point out that dental implants can last for the rest of your life. In other words, once you have the dental implants placed, you may need to come in for the occasional adjustment, but that’s it; dental implants, with proper care, can last as long as your natural teeth and even longer.

When it comes to the benefits of dental implants, none of them stand out quite as much as the fact that you will be able to enjoy your life without ever having to worry about your teeth. You do not need to feel uncomfortable in public or embarrassed because your smile looks different or because you are worrying about missing teeth. With a solution like dentures, you have the additional concern of worrying whether or not you put them back in your mouth before getting involved in a social situation. When you have dental implants placed, they remain in your mouth and act just like your naturally occurring  teeth. What this means is that you never have to worry about your dentures falling out, be concerned if you left them on the nightstand, or engage in having to place your dentures in your mouth with that gooey adhesive. Instead, dental implants become a permanent fixture in your mouth, just like your natural teeth.