If you have crooked teeth, you are likely willing to consider every cost-effective solution that does not significantly alter the look of your mouth. Invisalign® straightens teeth with clear aligners that are similar to a retainer. The teeth shift into place across a period of nine months to a full year. Invisalign® is a solution that we customize for each individual client and are nearly invisible, fitting perfectly on the teeth.


The Invisalign® aligners shift the teeth in a gradual manner. The teeth will move vertically and horizontally, while rotation is sometimes necessary to ensure they end up growing in straight. The aligners will then apply just the right level of force at the optimal position for maximum impact.

The patient will most likely change to the next aligner in the series every two weeks or so. As the patient moves to the new set of aligners, the teeth will gradually shift into the desired position according to the Invisalign® dentist’s treatment plan.


Many patients wonder what Invisalign® aligners consist of. These clear pieces mainly consist of proprietary multilayer SmartTrack. Nearly impossible to see, Invisalign® aligners are best described as thermoplastic materials specifically made for the purpose of straightening teeth.

Each sequential series of aligners make minor adjustments to the position of teeth in accordance with the Invisalign® dentist’s map. The thermoplastic design allows for Invisalign® aligners to shift teeth to just the right position in a gradual manner. The patient will feel very little pressure during this process.


One of the most popular reasons to try Invisalign® is the aesthetic appeal. These aligners fit perfectly in the mouth so no one will be able to tell a patient is wearing anything. The patient will not hesitate laughing out loud, talking, eating and interacting with others when wearing Invisalign alignments. This is the confidence-boosting oral health solution patients need to smile without worry about the appearance.

Patients can remove the Invisalign® aligners whenever desired. Patients will find it is surprisingly quick and easy to remove the aligners before eating, drinking, brushing, flossing and performing other proper oral hygiene. Keep in mind that the patient will not have to deal with wires or metal brackets of traditional braces that have the potential to harm the mouth.

The end result is less time in the dentist’s chair, increased comfort and the straight teeth the patient is hoping for. With such an easy process, we can still provide checkups as necessary to ensure that everything is going well. If there are any issues along the way, we are more than happy to help provide the necessary care.

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