Are you ready to have the straight teeth you have always wanted? Maybe you even had straight teeth at one time, but age or dental trauma has your teeth out of alignment. Having straight teeth is going to help you have a healthy mouth as well as a bright, beautiful smile. Once you have made a decision to have straighter teeth, your next step is choosing the type of braces that you want to commit to wearing for the next year or two and Invisalign is a good way to achieve this.


Invisalign is a teeth-straightening process that uses clear aligners to move teeth back into their correct positions slowly. About every two weeks or so, a dental patient will receive a new aligner in order to continue the teeth straightening process. A dental appointment is necessary about every four to six weeks in order for the dentist to ensure that everything is on track as it should be. The aligners are BPA-free clear plastic, which means that they are both safe and comfortable to wear.


Choosing the Invisalign teeth-straightening process means one can expect to wear them anywhere between 12 months and 18 months. While the exact amount of time depends on each individual patient’s needs, using this aligner system typically works faster when it comes to straightening teeth than traditional braces. It is necessary to follow the instructions for wearing these clear aligners in order for the patient to achieve the optimal results.

in general Invisalign take less time than braces to move teeth into the proper position due to the type of force this process uses to move the teeth. The one-piece aligners are able to provide force to the teeth as a whole vs. braces that move each tooth individually.


One of the other notable things about choosing Invisalign is that you are able to remove them, unlike braces. While the exact amount of time to wear then is something that your dentist determines, you can plan on wearing them for between 20 and 22 hours a day. When you are ready to make an appointment to find out which of the many braces options available are going to work for your particular situation, contact us to schedule an initial appointment. At that time, you will receive all of the information you need to make the ideal braces choice for your particular situation and needs.

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